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April 2, 2018

Excerpt from my upcoming book: “Awakening To Love"

There are not many who love perfectly. To love perfectly is to know perfectly and in knowing perfectly one knows that all are worthy of perfect love. Perfect love is love without conditions. Perfect love is accepting what is not (the false-self) while holding to the truth of who one is (as the God-self). Perfect love does not need for one to act in a certain way, that is to say, as ‘I’ would have them act, as ‘I’ would have them think, or as ‘I’ would have them believe. Therefore we do not love perfectly because we do not count others worthy of perfect love. We seek them to be who we want them to be ‘for our safety’, that is to say to make us feel secure. The greater truth is we do not love others perfectly because we do not count ‘ourselves’ worthy of perfect love and so we project this untruth outwardly, not perceiving that it is actua...

March 1, 2018

Excerpt from my upcoming book: “Self Love: Healing From Abuse"

Man is spirit.  Spirit is perfect and holy.  The body is effectively, a divine expression of Spirit. Therefore, the body is perfect and holy.  All perceived sickness, illness, and deformity is imperfection. In the appearance of sickness there is a disconnect from what the body is – perfect.  The disconnect is one of belief.  It is the belief that the One Life can be sick and the belief that the man and the sickness are one. This belief, in itself, constricts the flow of Life Energy that quickens the body.  It constricts because it is a belief rooted in double-mindedness.  This is man, who is light, at the same time, in his belief in sickness, believing he is darkness.  If man would deny the belief that he is something he can never be (sickness, darkness), he will see only truth.  The truth is he is light and there is no sickn...

February 1, 2018

Excerpt from my upcoming book: “The Truth of the Light"

Why do bad things happen to good people is at first glance a judgment. The polarity of good and bad is a judgment. The truth is there is only ‘what is’. Judgment becomes our interpretation of ‘what is’. It is exclusive to man and it is relative. That is to say it only exist in the mind of man. God does not see as man sees. In all things God has a purpose that man does not perceive. Man places a judgment of ‘good and bad’ where God does not for God’s has only one purpose and that is Love. In God, all things work together for this end. However, to follow this mental construct of man, God allows bad things to happen to good people because He says yes to what we say yes to and He says no to what we say no to. Jesus said:

Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on ea...

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